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Web Design for bands who want to look like Rockstars


Does this sound familiar?

  • You are struggling to get better paying gigs as a full-time musician.

  • Venues still want to pay you pennies for the work you put into your music, your time to travel, and your performances.

  • You are trying to put yourself out there. You have a Bandcamp, Bandsintown, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Reverbnation, Soundcloud, etc etc etc. You have everything that everyone is saying you need, but it’s overwhelming to manage it all. 

  • You have a DIY website that has you pulling your hair out trying to figure out.

I can help.

I create custom websites for musicians strategically designed to showcase their best work, to help them book more gigs, sell more music, and get more people coming to their shows.

After we work together, you’ll look like the professional that you are with a killer and functional design that makes your fans want to follow you on social media and everywhere you go!

Your new website will be designed to flaunt your brand, showcase your music, and grow your fanbase (aka your email list).

All of the tech will be integrated seamlessly to save you loads of time for you to be able to focus on the music.

This is for you if…

  • You’re a full-time musician who still struggles to get well-paying gigs.

  • You’ve struggled with Bandzoogle and DIY websites and feel as if it’s holding you back — you’re ready for professional design.

  • You don’t know how to best market yourself or your band online.

Melissa moved [our festival] from an expensive and outdated format to a sleek and responsive design. Our new look has resulted in better information for our current and prospective customers... and more sales!

I’m Melissa, your music loving web designer!

I love live shows and I perform with bands occasionally (cellooo!), but working back stage as a production coordinator at a mid-size music venue, I decided I loved working with with musicians.

I help musicians like you make the world a more positive, musical place by creating websites that help them reach new fans, showcase their music, and fulfill their dreams of being a full-time musician.

Together, we’ll build you a website that entices new fans, points booking agents in the right direction, and showcases who you are to the world.

You’ll look like the professional you are while freeing up time for what really matters - the music.

T was frustrated with his last website. It was clunky, hard to manage by himself, and went down constantly causing him to pay his developers way more money than necessary.

We did a re-design and moved him to an upgraded platform, and now T has a responsive website with a sleek design and that’s easy for him to update himself. Now, he doesn’t have to worry about who’s missing out on his shows if his website isn’t working properly AND with weekly analytics, he sees the results of how many people come to his site allowing him to engage with more people.

See T Presents website >>

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I’ll help re-design your look to match your branding and design aspirations.

Need guidance on your internet presence?

I’ll take a look at your internet presence (web, social media, news articles) and tell you what to focus on to attract and keep new fans.


I’ll design you a bold, new website branded just for you and your music.

Keep on scrolling…

The site Melissa built and is maintaining for me is the result of her hard work. She’s professional, prompt, and very easy to work with. I know that what she’s done for me is only the tip of the iceberg compared to what she can do for you!

 What you get when you work with me:

Branding Technique

  • I’m not just building you a website. I’m showcasing your brand as an artist and human.

  • This is who you are on the internet and all the details matter.

  • You need a cohesive message between your photos, social media presence, what you’re saying in your music, and your website.

  • We’ll schedule a Skype chat to clarify your vision for how you want to portray yourself and go from there!

Website Design

  • Up to 10 Pages: Home, Music, Tour, Photos, Video, Bio, Store, Press, EPK, Contact, etc.

  • Seamless integration of you tour dates through Bandsintown

  • Incorporation of your music and videos

  • Set up and up to 10 items uploaded into your merch store

  • Newsletter Sign Up Form

  • Tutorial on how to stay in touch and send newsletters to your fans

  • Instagram and Twitter feed displays

  • Plus all your social media links

Optional Website Maintenance (for additional monthly fee)

  • Because sometimes it’s easier to have someone who knows how to do it, do it.

Even though Abbey Road on the River is a 60’s music festival, this website re-design brought them into the 21st century. Now they are able to compete with other modern festivals in their area. 

Using an outdated platform before, now they have their ticketing and scheduling features embedded into the site, a newsletter sign up pop-up form, and a shop for official merchandise. This has brought in a more steady stream of revenue and followers that has trumped every year that came before!

See Abbey Road on the River’s website >>

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How it works:

The entire web design process typically takes eight weeks.

Week 1-2: You’ll gather your photos and materials so that I know what you like and what your goals are.

Week 3-4: I’ll start work on the design, you’ll work on website content.

Week 5-6: You’ll approve the design, I’ll add content to the site.

Week 7-8: I’ll complete website development, you’ll approve the site and we’ll launch.


$295 initial set up fee*

Includes a custom-designed website, designed to make you look professional, showcase your music and attract more people to your shows (which = more money!)

  • You’ll look like the rockstar that you are, with a killer and functional design that makes your fans want to follow you on Instagram, Twitter, and everywhere you go!

  • All of your tech (like email lists, event listings, social media feeds) will be integrated seamlessly so you’ll save loads of time and be able to focus on the music.

* This is a limited introductory offer to the first three lucky musicians who sign up!

After that, it’s going up to the regular price of $594 (or 6 monthly payments of $99).

If that’s all you need, then $295 is all it is!

If you need something else, see the offerings below or shoot me an email.

Additional offerings:

+ Additional monthly updates - $42/mo

+ Managing monthly email newsletter - $24/newsletter sent

+ Social media platform set up - $24/platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

+ Design work (Facebook banners, logos, tour banners, album covers) - $9/design

Ready to get started?